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Lea Michele VS Rachel Berry



Lea Michele & Rachel Berry - Torn? [An Insight (in bold & italics, the other FAN’s comment)]

Gotta be honest, I (1/2 of this tumblr – the one with a close mind) was never a fan of musical shows or movies but when I got to sit down and pay attention to the new show called “Glee”, my first though was “Hell, this is fun and refreshing. Why not?”(I know the feeling)

I got interested and I started looking into the cast background and what a surprise to see that several actors had a background on Broadway and even more surprising to find out how the show creator developed a whole show and a whole character around Lea. 

Rachel Berry could have not been as explosive and significant, hadn’t it been for Lea Michele Sarfati. She was the star of the show since the beginning. She was the engine that powered the whole “Glee” show. She was always supposed to be the heart of show, that pumped blood to the other organs. She was supposed to breathe life into the show, but at what price? (Ok, someone got REALLY excited here) 

Before going any further, please consider that we are not pretending to be Showbiz experts. We are mere fans and we are bringing our ideas into the light, rather than keeping them into the darkness. (Yes, our ideas want one spotlight …can it be near Lea, Dianna, and Jon? I take a lantern, a candle??) 

With that said, I do believe that when the whole “Glee” project (not talking about The Glee Project, but only Glee…you know 6 season, last one coming…) started no one would have ever thought it could have dropped so low. How do they say? When you reach the top, you can only fall down.  

But what’s the price to pay when the show leans towards a more comatose state? The air you were supposed to provide, gets sucked and you find yourself struggling to keep yourself and the show alive. (I Blaine the writers, ops I mean blame)

Lea Michele becomes Rachel Berry and Rachel Berry becomes Lea Michele. Art imitates life and vice versa. There is no boundary. No difference. What’s the price to pay for that?

 1) Getting Typecasted - how many times actors and actresses become “popular” because of a single role, deserving the bless from the general audience but earning a sort of “curse” for it at the same time? Will Sarah Michelle Gellar ever find another successful tv show like Buffy was? Will Kristen  Stewart be more than Bella? (Not everybody can be Jennifer Aniston) 

2) Private life = fiction - When the lives of a character and of an actor mingle, it almost feels like a natural consequence that general audiences start speculate and treat both as fictional or, at least, start feeling entitled to do so without any ounce of respect for the actor. Love between Hollywood colleagues happen all the time, but it is always peculiar to see it “blossom” during hard times and between costars who play romantic interests on screen too. More specifically, whether Cory and Lea had a genuine relationship or a PR based one won’t be the object of discussion in this post (But it’s funny *sad face*). Although, it is no news that with that relationship, Lea became Rachel Berry more and more obvious (endgame talks, necklaces, et cetera) (I think she became Rachel Hudson, not Berry, because Berry was in season 1 and I loved her). Articles kept on mentioning both couples and the show surely benefited from it, but what about Lea? Getting your name out there in a very competitive world like Hollywood is never a bad thing,

But when you have to change your image to fit in a perfect relationship idea fans have for you and your co-star, it benefits your career as yourself or as the character you keep playing? 

I am pretty sure there are other factors playing a huge role in determining an actor/actress’ future, but in Lea’s case a life altering event like the death of your “boyfriend and castmate” surely required a change in the “selling” strategy. Months after the sad circumstances, Lea Michele found herself - in my humble opinion (Are you humble? Are you sure?) - cornered into a wall with very few options at her disposal: 

A) Keep on just being the “sorrowful” ex girlfriend to Finn/Cory, with no chance of building a role for herself out of that boundaries (road taken soon afterwards, during the album promotion), earning both praise and blame from fandoms and general audience. 

B) slowly re-building her image to put some distance between herself and Rachel Berry(Lea Monchele) leaving it up to the show’s writers to keep that character “stuck there” (haha, who would leave anything to those writers?). The shift was subtly highlighted through the book promotion and the second Videoclip that pushed her image as Lea Michele, rather than as RB. But the career shift, in order to be consistent, needed to be accompanied by a “private life” shift. This latter change was brought to the general audience under the form of her current relationship with “model” Matthew Paetz. (we call him “model” because according to fandom he was/is so many things we don’t even know for sure…maybe he’s an alien)

Comparing the two relationships, though, it is quite interesting to highlight the tentative actions that Lea and her team are undertaking in order to leave Rachel Berry behind themselves once for all (easier to be done, once Glee will be finally over). (I’m okay with candids of Lea smoking and days after candids on set of SOA  with her character…guess what?? SMOKING!!! Why we didn’t have pics like that before?) Whether it will be successful or not, only time will tell.  (Maybe Paul the Octopus could do that)

Surely, the years of blurring the lines between Lea and Rachel won’t be easy to just erase from GA and Biz’ minds but it is always worth a try…

Better than coming back “empty handed” (I saw what you did here)



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